We Are Teenage Mutant Ninja Techies

Moving past the early 90’s babies, this new generation of adolescents has grown up with smart phones, laptops, tablets, and gaming consoles in hand. Functioning in this world of technology and the communication that comes with it is as second nature to these kids as sharing a telephone line with the entire street was second nature to the baby boomers. These tech dependent children—who are often babysat by technology—turn into tech savvy teens who seem to spend more time talking through social media than through their mouths. This blog helps explores some of the aspects of adolescents and their use of technology, specifically social media. Social media spans in definition from such websites as Facebook to even gaming systems like the PS4 and Xbox One. Although some may not consider such online communication systems as social media, they function the same as any chat experience on the traditional social media sites and the profiles attached to games also have the social media feel. The impact on adolescents, though, would not be nearly as extreme if these teenagers did not have constant access to all this online chatting and media due to the personal technology devices which most own. Teenage Mutant Ninja Techies is here to look critically at this societally acceptable way of communication and how it encompasses just about every part of a teenager’s life.


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