Onling Gaming: the new social media network?

Online gaming has certainly evolved over the past couple of decades, so much so that there are online gaming tournaments and leagues, but one thing that seems to have become more and more recent is the presences of social media with online gaming. For example, one of the newest next generation gaming consoles, the Playstation 4, allows users to sign into their social media accounts, even with the online gaming account.

This feature allows the user to post their gaming content directing to their social media accounts, and there is even information about the user’s friends on both social media and their online accounts. As the gaming consoles become more advance, so too does the integration of social media within the gaming consoles.

Example of how the social media wall looks like on the PS4 homepage

It becomes so much easier to just combine more and more items together, and online gaming is an example of that. I can also agree to this statement personally. I have an Playstation Network gaming account, and I have also combine my personal Youtube and Facebook accounts with it. While it is convenient, it is also a lot of power into one gaming console. For instance, if I left my account open on my friends game console, they would have immediate access to my Facebook and YouTube accounts, meaning they can post whatever content they see fit, and it would look as if I was posting the content.

It is so simple to add video games to social media, such as Facebook.

Yes much like social media itself, there are plenty of negatives, but there are also a few positive aspects of the online gaming/social networking. For example, I myself have meet plenty of interesting people through online gaming, and it was through meeting them online that I eventually added them on social media.

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The PS4 was not the first gaming console as the previous generation gaming consoles also implemented a social media long in, however, it was not as efficient or effective as the new consoles. According to the tech culture website C-Net, back in 2009, Microsoft’s gaming console, the Xbox 360 was beginning to use social media application during a beta test.

“What we saw of the three apps was impressive but in many ways extremely limited compared with their desktop counterparts. Microsoft has had to shoehorn the three Web apps into a system with a control scheme that does not implement a mouse, keyboard, or Web browser. Instead, all three make use of the Xbox 360 controller and the on-screen keyboard, or an attached USB keyboard”

-Josh Lowensohn, C-Net

Now the Xbox gaming consoles are the big rivals to Sony’s Playstation franchise, and Sony has done a fairly good job in integrating social media and users PSN gaming accounts, whether it is to find friends or meet new ones. The Xbox consoles have not much luck in that department.

According to C-Net, Microsoft has its own plans to complete with Sony on the  social media front.

The biggest concern here is that while online gaming continues to grow in popularity, there seems to be an ever growing correlation with social media becoming integrated with gaming, and any teens in today’s society seem to be more and more focused on participating on social media.

These gaming console have become so much more advance that it is not only social media that has become part of it, but online streaming and even television have become integrated with them. These are made available through applications, similar to ones on many people’s cell phones.

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We have turn online gaming into our new social media platform, and it is because it is so easy to access social media through these gaming consoles that we have allow to this to come so far. We have to learn to accept the good with the bad and eventually that online gaming and social media networking will become one and the same.



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