Survey Results

While looking at how technology and thus social media and video games affect adolescents, we handed out 80 anonymous surveys to high school students, both male and female, from 14-18 years old.  Along with the different survey questions, our survey group also made comments about how they feel technology affects their lives and whether it affects them in positive or negative ways.

We were first curious about what personal electronics these teenagers owned and how many different devices they had. Mostly they owned phones, tablets, laptops, and video game consoles. Other devices that were included were i-pods and e-readers. The graph below shows the results of how many personal electronics each person owned.

Number of Personal Electronics Chart



Technology affects me in both positive and negative ways. “Stay connected to people far away”


In another section of our survey we focused on social media and how much time students spent online and connected through different social media.

Social Media Chart



“Sometimes I’ll see a post and it will inspire me or put me in a good mood”

“It affects the way people think of you (when you put something on social media)”


We also wanted to know about bullying. Not only about whether they had been bullied online, but also how that compared in terms of being bullied in person too.

Bullying Chart

“I think it does affect your everyday life, people comment or make fun of your pictures of tweets-causes drama”


“I talk to a lot of my friends through Snapchat and tag my friends in videos on Instagram A lot of school work is done online too”